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How to be friend with my emotions?

I am quitting smoking. Today is day 5, and it has been such an emotional rollercoaster.

On top of that, constantly having anxiety and bipolar daily has been challenging and long 5 days.

I had some extra helps this time - I went to a clinical hypothesis psychologist Dr Melaine Byran to give me a final push. But, again, the session was smooth and pleasant.

In the past, I have attempted several times: cold turkey, replace with the electronic cigarette, nicotine gums etc. The most prolonged attempt was 1 week, then bam, emotions overwhelmed, I smoked more than ever each time.

This time is natural, quitting and staying in not smoking because I acknowledge my emotions instead of pushing them away.

  1. Be kind with whatever emotions pop up - talking to it & nurturing it.

  2. Asking for help from close friends or family without judgment on the feelings - eliminating "I shouldn't feel this way" or "I am strong enough that I don't need help."

  3. Loving yourself as a whole - that means embracing the ups and downs.

On top of these, keep it simple for the craving moment, play it forward; what would I feel after the first drag. Looking back on all my attempts, I usually regretted and remorse whenever I took the first puff.

This time, I am doing it with all my heart - I remind myself whenever I am craving a cigarette is when my emotions become overwhelming. I give myself a hug and sweet talk to myself that it will be worth it might seem hard at this moment.

In addition, I downloaded the app "Smoke Free" to track the health improvement, and money has saved- I have to admit it definitely gives a lot more courage when I see the no of cravings resisted and cigarettes not smoked during the process.

Above is my progress in the past 5 days. It is essential to focus on yourself. Each person might be different. In the end, it is more about enjoying the process, staying at the moment than focusing on the end goal but losing living at present.

Comment below if you decided to quit today! Let's be accountable for each other - be the better version of yourself each day.

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