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Living with your truth

I’ve been sensing more especially starting my reiki 1 practise. Previously the “gut” feeling or intuition seems overwhelming cloud 💭 lately it has been distinguish better most of the time, what's others thought and feelings, what's mine?

Obviously there were few incidents which I projected my own fears on my partner which it confused him😅Coming in the other side of the turnal felt much lighter and relief but also learned a few things in empath ability and lessons

  1. Trust your gut feeling, your angels are giving you signal multiple times, you have to look with clarity

  2. No matter how blind you try to cover your eyes, choose to trust the gut and your truth

  3. Letting go of people pleasing

  4. Understand the true motives vs survival responses

  5. Love yourself with patients

Grateful to see the lights in the darks 🦋

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