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Patient in the impatient

Growing up, I wanted things to be done or get at that moment. I struggled a lot with my parents, siblings and school. Either I want things to be done in my way if not, was lashed out and cried. People around me constantly reminding me to be patient or things dont always been done in my favour.

As an adult, it still pops up sometimes in certain areas in life - whether is communicating with partners, family, colleagues and inner dialogue. It feels like, the most inner self is clinging hard in the heart area and not willing to let go unless it’s in my expectation.

This including in my healing journey, that somehow by using hypnosis, one of my soul journey is to learn how to be patients. That said, meaning whether career, relationship or healing journey, it takes more time than I expected to be.

I am definitely not a patient person yet but the interesting discovery is how learn to be patient when I’m impatient - learning how to be stillness at every single moment in life. It is easy to say than to be done especially when feeling the most agitated and overwhelmed.

Methods that I have used are below:

1. Yoga - it helps my body and mind to be in alignment when most of the time my mind goes 200km/hour but my body is probably moving in 30km/hour

2. Meditation - depends on the situations, sometimes I use healing inner child guided meditation or just simply breathing and visualising techniques

3. Listen and dance in my favourite hip hop musics

4. Pick up the phone and call a friend to share the struggles

5. Affirmation - most of the times I discover fundamentally I feel I am worthless and unlovable. Closing my eyes, not only speak out “I am worthy and lovable” and feel it in the heart has the most profound result.

6. Exercise

There are tons of activities that could help, choose the one that works for you the best. Each time might be different. It is all part of the learning journey to discover and expansion in the heart.

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