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We are living in the world that everything are based on labels - even though I don’t want to admit it in my own life, but this is part of the old programme - that’s deep ingrained in part of me. Trying to unlearn it, then input a new programme takes effort, times and acceptance.

A lot of the time, we tend to find a new programme, without processing the old programme, we added on top of it - it’s easy, quick and convince, but it’s not sustainable. Old behaviour slowly crowd back in a very subtle way, because we convince in our mind that we have changed but the reality is, it’s only cover with a fancy dress with the same core.

In my personal healing journey, one of the biggest breakthrough is to let those old programme resurface on purpose with lights shining on it, process the emotions, input a new programme or a new belief. It has been challenging but sufficient healing result.

One of the tool is using yoga, it release all the stress and trauma that accumulated from the other realms to the physical body.

Register, com and join me at 11am on the 28 August @5ive.d, Sai Ying Pun Hong Kong - want to share to you all by my own experience.

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